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Get Your Hands On Something Unprecedented: A First-Ever Opportunity

Let our proven algorithm do the work for you! Just activate CleverFx and enjoy the gains!

Fully automate your trading with the most powerful institutional trading algorithm available.

Low Drawdown

Audited Track Record

Hands Free Trading


It Doesn't Matter What Market You're In...
CleverFx Will Work For YOU!



Equity Protection

Smart DD Recovery

24/7 Auto Trading

Prop Firm Compatible

100% Verified Porfolio

MT4 & Mt5 Compatible

Auto Lot Sizing

Beginner Friendly

Spread Control

BotifyFx Community

24/7 Private Support


- Minimum balance of $100

- Metatrader 4 or 5

- Any broker that supports Mt4 or Mt5. The broker we use is:

- Operating system: MacOS, Linux, and Windows

- Internet Connection: 1mbps or higher

- Recommended Vps is highly recommeded if you don’t want to leave your computer on 24/7*

Instant Download

Text and Video Guide

Why Choose BotifyFx

clevrfx botify trade

CleverFx robot delivers traders genuine, automated results in real-time, backed by a remarkable 93% winning track record verified through Myfxbook accounts. Our commitment to improvement ensures continuous enhancement with each passing day.

clevrfx botify trade

With comprehensive installation guides, highly responsive support, profitable settings, analysis, and walkthrough videos, traders at any skill level can quickly harness the benefits of CleverFx software

clevrfx botify trade

We prioritize our clients' satisfaction above all else. Our commitment to ensuring the happiness of our trading clientele sets us apart from the competition. Email us for a prompt and attentive response - test us and experience the difference!

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Our Best Packages

3 Live Account License

Lifetime Membership

Free Updates for Life

High Performance Settings

5 Live Account License

Lifetime Membership

Free Updates for Life

High Performance Settings

Unlimited Account

Lifetime Membership

Free Updates for Life

High Performance Settings

Everything you need to fast-track your trading

clevrfx botify trade

Top technical analysis

Get the best tools to understand the market and make smart trading choices.

clevrfx botify trade

High performance

Our system consistently delivers great outcomes, even in tough market conditions.

forex bot
clevrfx botify trade

Full expert support

Friendly experts are here to help you with all your trading questions and needs.

clevrfx botify trade

Highly recommended

Traders love us for our reliable advice and great results in forex.

clevrfx botify trade

Direct email and text support

Reach out anytime for help or updates, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

clevrfx botify trade

Join a growing community

Come be part of our friendly group of traders, sharing tips and experiences.

Profitable CleverFx Expert Advisor

ClevrFx offers a range of features tailored for traders seeking a sophisticated trading tool. Notable features include:

Key Features of the CleverFX EA

  • News Filter: Shields from volatile news events.

  • Pair Focus: Tailored for trading EURUSD/GBPUSD.

  • AI Risk Management: Makes careful investment decisions.

  • Profit Range: Expected 5-15% monthly.

  • Low Drawdowns: Less than 8% advertised.

  • Adjustable Risk: Users choose low, medium, or high risk.

Recommendations for this EA Download

  • Minimum account balance of $500 required.

  • CLEVERFX EA optimized for EURUSD & GBPUSD but works with any currency pair.

  • Operates exclusively on the M5 timeframe

  • Recommended to run continuously on a reliable VPS like FXVM.

  • Not sensitive to spread and slippage, but a good ECN broker is advised for best performance.

What are the requirements to use this EA?

  • Run it on 2 currency pairs!

  • Select 1H time frame on your MT4 for Multi level strategy!

  • Ensure the Auto trading option on your mt4 is on!

  • To maximize performance, keep your EA online with a VPS or by keeping your PC connected at all times.

  • Recommended Leverage is Above 1:200

Chart reading skills are not required! Grab market opportunities with our powerful CleverFx



Longterm verified result

24/5 Auto Trading

Low Drawdown

No Risky Strategy

Works With Any Broker

One-Time Payment

What Makes Clevr Different?

Clever doesn't depend on ineffective retail-based strategies or risky gambling tactics like other bots in the market. Instead, Clever primarily utilizes mathematical and statistical approaches to fuel its trading automation. Its method prioritizes high accuracy and minimal drawdown, leading to consistent growth that accumulates over time.



24/7 Auto Trading

Trade effortlessly day and night, hands-free. Never miss a setup, even while you sleep

AI data

No Human Emotions

Human emotions cause 90% of traders to lose money. Clevr trades solely based on its strategy, free from emotions.


Passive Income

Install Clevr, let it handle trading effortlessly with proven systems.

Winning Every Month For Over 3 Years

Clever has nearly three years of demonstrated success in trading, consistently maintaining low drawdowns and delivering profitable results. Our data solidly demonstrates that Clever is the most profitable AI in today's market.

Constantly Adjusting


Why do other bots struggle to stay successful long-term? Markets are always changing due to global events. That's why at ClevrFx, we're constantly updating our strategies to match current market conditions. We're always adding new features to improve performance. Our track record proves it!

2020 myfxbook result


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Literally, Just 3 Steps For Us

To Start Making Profit With "CleverFx"


#01: Purchase Your CleverFx

Choose a version of Clevrfx that fits your budget and click buy.

#02: Download And Install

You will instantly receive a download and instructions manual via email. Install Clevrfx and connect it to your MetaTrader 4 or 5. It will automatically start trading for you.


#03: Relax And Profit

Relax as Clevrfx automatically trades for you, and see your profits grow.

Minimum Deposit: 500 USD


  • What Is BotifyFx?
    BotifyFX is an advanced trading AI designed to streamline your trading process through sophisticated mathematical and statistical techniques. Its purpose is to empower retail traders, enabling them to achieve profitability swiftly and effectively.
  • Why Should I Trade With BotifyFx?
    BotifyFx is an advanced trading AI leveraging mathematical and statistical methods to execute trades with exceptional efficiency. Capable of performing thousands of calculations within seconds, it autonomously opens and closes operations at a pace far surpassing human capabilities, operating ceaselessly 24 hours a day to seize every opportunity without fail. Devoid of emotions and the need for sleep, BotifyFx eliminates human error entirely, emerging as the ultimate solution for traders worldwide seeking profitability.
  • What’s The Minimum Balance?
    $500 minimum starting balance. $1000 is recommended.
  • How Much Can You Profit?
    Take a look at our verified Myfxbook results. Our approach isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. On average, we generate about 10% to 20% profit monthly straight out of the box.
  • Do I Need A Vps?
    Yes, a VPS is required to have the CopyTrader software running 24/7. The VPS we trust is :
  • Can I Use Any Broker?
    Yes, you can use any broker. However, for the best results use our broker :
  • How Do You Install And Set Lot Sizes?
    After making your purchase, you will receive a comprehensive manual detailing installation instructions, along with a chart providing recommendations for lot sizes. If you encounter any difficulties or feel uncertain at any point, rest assured that our support team is always available to assist you.
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